Our services in this field cover:

  • Individual labour law:
    • Selecting the optimum form of employment (employment contract, commission contracts, etc.), establishment, modification, and termination of the employment relationship
    • Day-to-day advice on remunerations and payrolls, working times, leave from work, etc.
    • Day-to-day advice on social insurance and payroll taxes
    • Litigation in the field of employment law
  • Collective labour law:
    • Drawing up and implementation of internal labour law sources and their subsequent modification (in-house collective labour agreements, work rules, remuneration and bonus rules, in-house social fund rules)
    • Employment restructuring (group redundancies, transformation of the employing establishment)
    • Preparation and implementation of other internal regulations (employee assessment systems, anti-mobbing procedures, rules re improvement of qualifications, business travel and employee benefits policies, voluntary departure rules, etc.)
    • Support in relations with trade unions and works councils
  • Employment of managerial staff