We advise on:

  • The legal aspects of media operations, including the electronic media
  • Operations of television broadcasters
  • Licencing of audio-visual content, including distribution of line-based television channels and VOD
  • Licencing of audio content, including securing of music and making it available via music portals
  • Discharge of duties vis a vis collective copyright management agencies (e.g. ZAiKS)
  • Sale and purchase of air time for commercials, also through advertising brokers
  • Cooperation with media houses
  • Marketing and PR activities, including:
    • Contracts for production of TV and radio commercials and for organisation of advertising campaigns (also outdoor)
    • Legal support for cultural and entertainment events, including contracts with artists
    • Contracts with institutions rating and researching viewership and marketing impact
    • Legal support for competitions, including preparation of contest rules
    • Barter and sponsorship agreements
    • Licence and copyright agreements for purposes of internet use